Tobermory Wedding | Taylor + Steve

June 21, 2022

Taylor and Steve’s Tobermory wedding was such a perfect day. The rain held off long enough during their ceremony and completely cleared up for the rest of their day when we hiked in to the stunning Grotto before sunset.

Getting married in the Bruce Peninsula National Park is possible, however, it tends to be very crowded in the summer. Even in the off season it’s not likely to be private. Taylor and Steve had their ceremony in a private setting on the property of their hotel – Sweet Water Bay. I can’t even tell you how stunning this property was. I was completely blown away when I walked down to their deck by the water.

If you’re looking for a place for your Tobermory wedding or even just a place to stay, I highly recommend Sweet Water Bay.

It was raining all morning before their ceremony, but the sky cleared up just in time for them to say their vows to each other. After their ceremony, we did photos on the rocky shores and played around with my drone to get some photos from above. When we were heading back up to the hotel to leave for the National Park, it started to pour again.

Luckily, as soon as we arrived at the Bruce Peninsula National Park, the rain stopped. We hiked in to the Grotto and got some really great light just before sunset.

It’s important to keep in mind that the sun sets on the opposite side of the Grotto. Make sure you’re there way before sunset is expected. You also need to get parking tickets in advance so make sure you prepare well in advance for that! You can find the link to buying parking here.

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Officiant: Rachel Edwards

Hotel: Sweet Water Bay

Photographer: Katie O’Brien Photography