Footprints Resort Wedding

April 11, 2020

Joanna and Dean’s wedding was held at a small resort just outside of Algonquin Park. Footprints Resort is the perfect place to have an outdoor intimate wedding.

Joanna and Dean both got ready in separate cabins and decided to save their first look for the traditional walk down the aisle. Their ceremony was breathtaking – overlooking a private lake, huge trees everywhere and the sun just starting to set.

What made their ceremony so special was Joanna’s sons being a huge part of everything. One of her sons was officiating and the other walked her down the aisle. You could just see how happy Dean was to be marrying her as he teared up at the first sight of her.

After the ceremony, Joanna and Dean and I snuck away from everyone for a quick couple session. Then I saw the canoes. It was definitely going through my mind but I didn’t even have to say anything before Joanna suggested they go canoeing around the lake. I held onto the canoe as they got in just to be safe.

There was no way this bride was falling in the lake on her wedding day!

Then they got to spend some time together in a canoe away from everyone, while I took photos from the dock. Joanna and Dean really made their wedding day everything they wanted it to be. There were popcorn machines, campfires and RVs set up among the rustic cabins. They had all of their closest family and friends together celebrating their love for each other.

One of the best parts of Footprints Resort is that you get to rent out the whole place so it becomes a private getaway with some awesome camp vibes.

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