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How much planning do you help us with?
Do you travel?

OHHHH YEAH I DO. I've been travelling to new places my whole life - you could probably blame my parents for starting this addiction so young hahah. But that travel bug ain't going away anytime soon. I still go on my own trips when I have time in between weddings and elopements. I never let my passport expire and I'm the queen of packing everything I ever need in one backpack - you'd be surprised what I can fit in there.

Scroll to the bottom of 'The Experience' page to view my upcoming travel plans. I'd love to meet ya in one of those places.

Don't see your location on there? Well let's get in touch and add it on!

Whether you know exactly what you want to do, where to go etc. or have absolutely no idea, I'm here to help you. I can be as involved in the planning process as you want me to be. I've been backpacking solo for years and I've gotten pretty good at this whole thing - using google earth, travel blogs and guides, I can make this the easiest thing you've ever planned.

I'll consult with you to help you figure out what you're looking for, send you all the awesome suggestions I come up with and you can make the final decision on what sounds best to you!



How far in advance should I book?
Where are you based?

Home base is currently in Barrie, Ontario. I spend most of my time up in Muskoka though. Shooting couples, camping, hiking, exploring new spots... you'll generally find me up there!

I would love to be living on the road full time at some point though in either a small bus, camper or van because #vanlife am I right?!

Anywhere between one month to eighteen months in advance. I typically book a bout a year in advance for most couples. The wonderful thing about eloping is you can get married whenever the heck you want to - meaning we're not confined to just weekends anymore. This gives me a lot more availability, but being flexible on your date is key to last minute bookings. I don't usually book further than eighteen months out but I'd still love to hear from ya if you're planning something epic!

Get In Touch

You can expect to hear back from me within 48 hours. If you still haven't received anything, please check your junk mail and send a message to us at katie@katieobrienphotography.com.